Costumers of the World, Unite!

Dollar Store Witch Hat to Early Victorian Bonnet


What you will need for this project

  • Velour Witch Hat in Adult Size
  • Recycled plastic tub for frozen strawberries, cottage cheese, or other tub about 5"-6" across the mouth.
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Scissors
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Trim of lace or braid
  • Black thread & Needle
  • Spool of Wired Ribbon
  • Plastic hair comb
  • Fruit Bag net that looks like hat netting


Step 1: Check to see if the hat is in fact adult sized in the head...

WitchHat2Bonnet 001.JPG

Step 2: Then try to remove the headband without damage to the hat.

WitchHat2Bonnet 002.JPG

You may be able to remove the hat band and buckle by simply cutting it off where it is sewn into the seam at the center back of the crown.

Step 3: Find your flexible plastic tub that might be cut into a ring.

WitchHat2Bonnet 009.JPG
WitchHat2Bonnet 010.JPG

Cut out the a ring from this used strawberry container.

WitchHat2Bonnet 011.JPG

Step 4: Turn the hat inside out, and put the ring on the inside as far as it fit down.

WitchHat2Bonnet 014.JPG

Flip the hat around the ring as shown.

WitchHat2Bonnet 017.JPG

Sew the hat around the ring by hand as shown.

WitchHat2Bonnet 018.JPG

Step 5: Pull together the remains of the tip of the hat inside into a bunch.

WitchHat2Bonnet 021.JPG

Sew it in place, through the tip.

WitchHat2Bonnet 022.JPG

Cut the tip off inside the hat.

WitchHat2Bonnet 023.JPG

This makes a top of the hat that more resembles a bonnet back as you can see.

WitchHat2Bonnet 024.JPG

Step 6: At the center back seam line, pin the brim edge up to the base of the crown.

WitchHat2Bonnet 025.JPG

Prepare the brim fabric for sewing by crimping it into a simple gather with your thumb.

WitchHat2Bonnet 030.JPG

Sew the brim with the gathers to the back seam of the crown.

WitchHat2Bonnet 035.JPG

Step 7: If you have one, put the hat on a head form... (or your head if you do not)

WitchHat2Bonnet 037.JPG

...and force the wire of the brim into a sharper bend, to force the sides of the brim forward slightly.

WitchHat2Bonnet 039.JPG

Step 8: If the old hat had a buckle, take the buckle off of the hatband, and pair it with some wired ribbon.

WitchHat2Bonnet 040.JPG

One yard of ribbon may be put into the buckle to make a large bow for the back of the hat.

WitchHat2Bonnet 041.JPG

Step 9: Use another yard and a half of ribbon to form a hatband and chin tie.

WitchHat2Bonnet 044.JPG

Pull the wire in the ribbon to let the parts of the ribbon going round the crown to fit better against the conical shape of the sides.

WitchHat2Bonnet 048.JPG

Take your now curved ribbon and pin it to the sides.

WitchHat2Bonnet 053.JPG
WitchHat2Bonnet 059.JPG

Pin the bow in place at the back where the vestiges of the old hatband marked the back seam.

WitchHat2Bonnet 060.JPG

Then sew ribbons and buckle by hand, or hot glue it.

WitchHat2Bonnet 062.JPG

Step 10: Sew the plastic comb into the front of the crown to keep the bonnet from flopping back as they tend to do.

WitchHat2Bonnet 067.JPG
WitchHat2Bonnet 068.JPG

Step 11: Then take your lace and/or trim...

WitchHat2Bonnet 069.JPG

...and pin the lace around the center hole of the underside of the brim.

WitchHat2Bonnet 073.JPG
WitchHat2Bonnet 077.JPG

Step 12: Hot glue sections of the lace to the center edge. I recommend using latex palmed work gloves when using hot glue, especially high temperature types.

WitchHat2Bonnet 082.JPG
WitchHat2Bonnet 085.JPG

Repeat this process out at the edge of the brim with the tips of the lace.

WitchHat2Bonnet 086.JPG
WitchHat2Bonnet 087.JPG

Step 13: Pick out some artificial flowers for decoration. Disassemble them for parts and glue them to the inside of the brim in an asymmetrical but balanced style.

WitchHat2Bonnet 088.JPG

Here you can see how this looks when worn.

WitchHat2Bonnet 111.JPG

This is a side view of the hat at this point.

WitchHat2Bonnet 112.JPG

Step 14: If you can find an appropriate color of fruit bag netting to be "hat netting" attach this as well.

WitchHat2Bonnet 114.JPG

Glue it to the brim.

WitchHat2Bonnet 117.JPG
WitchHat2Bonnet 118.JPG

Step 15: Add more artificial flower bits to the back of the hat with more glue.

WitchHat2Bonnet 119.JPG
WitchHat2Bonnet 121.JPG
WitchHat2Bonnet 124.JPG

These images show the finished hat from the rear.

WitchHat2Bonnet 130.JPG

And here it is from the front, as worn, showing the fruit bag netting on the brim.

When you have completed your bonnet bring it in to class or photograph it and post your pictures to the class message board.