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Pattern for a helpful "Dancing Man". Make this out of heavy card stock, connect the pieces with brads as shown in the center, and lay it onyour paper to make different poses for your body-outlines. If you have trouble rendering figures, this can make things easier till you learn how.(It is ok to print this out for a whole class--Tara)

A suggested pattern for "proper" rendering layout, which I use in my class. (Standards in other teachers classes will vary - ask your instructor for his/her preferred standard form). (It is ok to print this out for a whole class. --Tara)

"Croquis" Outline Sheets: These are forms made for making rendering easier for beginning students. To watercolor on them, just print them out on card stock not paper. They also can be used as supplementary images for the costume shop "book" of a productions designs, outline drawings of items in storage or a history collection, etc. (It is ok to print these out in any quantity. --Tara)


Female Front Outline sheet


Female Back Outline sheet


Male Front Outline sheet


Male Back Outline sheet

How To Information:

Don't like my outlines? Want children's croquis sheets too? Go here and Meet the Threads Croquis Family you can use instead!

Drawing Fashion

Internet Archive: Free Download: Student's manual of fashion drawing; thirty lessons with conventional charts 1918

Fashion Design Tutorials for Sketching with Templates.

Fashion Design Tools, CAD Clothing & Textile Design Software Training

Free Fashion Croquis Templates

How to Draw Proportions

How to make cool backgrounds for costume or fashion renderings.

figure drawing (life drawing) resources

How to Draw Hair

the Figure Drawing LAB

Visual Bodily Proportions

The Gnomon Workshop - Tutorials for visual effects artists, concept designers, etc

Learn to draw figures

Body measurements and perspective

Constructing The Figure From Life

Learn to draw figures

Watercolour Equipment, Tips & Tutorials Menu - Peter Saw

WetCanvas!: Cyber Living for Artists

WetCanvas: ArtsSchool: Portraits: Index


Fashion Designer Gala Moseevsky (Russian Fashion/Costume Designer with amazing rendering style)

Art supplies:

Art Supplies and Artist Materials at

Daniel Smith Fine Artists' Materials: the Online Source for Art Supplies and Creative Solutions

Art Supplies from Dick Blick Art Materials

Winsor & Newton - Welcome

Dharma Trading for Tie-dye, Batik, Dye, Fabric Paint, and Fiber Arts Supplies

Business Cards & Postcards Overnight ~ by

Photographing Costumes

Photographing Your Costumes for Your Portfolio, Onstage and in the Studio

Society of American Silversmiths - Photo Tips for Metalsmiths

Photos of a cheap and easy jewelry photographing setup like those described above

Various types of Model Release Forms